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Bedsac welcomes all divers qualified with other agencies, all would be divers in search of family fun, excitement, and relief from daily stresses (peace and quiet, and stunning sights). all divers who care about their local community and the environment and all divers who want to dive worldwide’ Bedsac members have dived in over 50 countries and 6 continents so what are YOU waiting for?

Bedford Sub Aqua Club (BedSAC) is an independent scuba diving club, which was formed in 1960 and caters for divers of all backgrounds and interests, as well as snorkeling and social members. We are branch 0089 of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).

BEDSAC is an active and family friendly club who place the emphasis on family fun, interesting, adventurous diving, and safety. Our members are aged from 12 to 70+.  We welcome divers from other agencies like PADI, NAUI, SAA and CMAS.  If you are a qualified diver, you are welcome to join the club and dive with us using your current qualification. We also have a growing Junior Section and welcome families to join in all our activities. BedSAC has a formal safeguarding policy for the protection of our junior members and all instructors are DBS (was CRB) checked.

Our members enjoy some of the best and most adventurous diving both here in the UK and overseas.      Between us we have dived in more than 50 countries across 6 continents!!

BedSAC meets every Wednesday evening. Our pool session, where we swim, snorkel, carry out diver training or simply “go for a bubble” is at “Bedford School” which is the Boy’s school in De clubParys Avenue, just 5 minutes from Robinson pool, between 8-00 and 9-00 pm (in-water pool time is between 8.10 and 9.10). We are also associate members of Bedford Rowing Club, and are able to use their facility in Duckmill Lane for meetings, training and social events. Many members will head over to the Rowing Club for a beer and a chat after the pool session.

We provide diver training at all levels using the internationally-recognised BSAC training and qualification scheme.
We can provide Try-dive taster sessions for those who have not tried scuba diving before.  A try dive will cost you £15 per person for about 45 minutes in the water. Contact Lesley for more information. Why not make it a gift for someone who is keen to give scuba diving a go? Gift vouchers are available.
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All training equipment is provided, but new members are encouraged to buy their own fins, mask and snorkel early in the course; to ensure a correct individual fit.

Our divers organise a wide variety of diving trips and we can also hire charter boats to go diving in locations further away, from the south of England to Scotland, Wales and Orkney (Scapa Flow) and shore dives are organised.
Trips to warm-water destinations all over the world are organised by members of the club.

Need a tune-up before you go on holiday, we can help! See our tune-up page for more details.

Anyone who has already trained with another diving organisation, eg PADI, SAA, NAUI, CMAS, to a level that is comparable, can complete a BSAC cross-over programme if they wish to do so. Alternatively, they may arrange to join BedSAC and dive using their existing qualification.