• The first level of qualification is Ocean Diver which consists of :

    - Six theory lessons

    • Adapting to the underwater world
    • The body and effects of diving
    • Going diving
    • Dive Planning
    • What happens if…
    • Enjoying your diving


    A theory assessment takes place at the end of all the theory lessons and when all the trainees are happy with their content.

    - Five lessons in the swimming pool

    • Being underwater
    • Basic skills
    • Developing skills
    • Beyond the basics
    • Safety skills


    Skills are practised until the instructor determines that the student is able to complete them competently and safely. Once the sheltered water lessons and theory lessons and assessment have been successfully completed, the new diver is then ready to progress to open water training.

    - Four lessons in open water

    • Introduction to Open Water
    • Developing Open Water Skills
    • Open Water rescue skills
    • Buddy diving skills

    The course includes basic Nitrox (oxygen enriched air) and drysuit training where applicable.

    The course cost includes use of all equipment during training and the cost of air fills. The only additional costs are entry fees to the inland dive centres which are used for training.


    What will this qualify me to do?

    As a qualified Ocean Diver, you can dive buddied with another Ocean Diver, under the supervision of a Dive Manager – so long as you stick to familiar locations and conditions you have encountered during your training.

    If you want to expand your experience by exploring different locations and conditions, you can easily do this accompanied by a Dive Leader or higher-grade diver.

    Your open water diver certification will be recognised worldwide. That means you will be qualified to use breathing gas mixtures of up to 36 per cent Nitrox to increase your safety on dives (you’ll learn all about Nitrox on the course). Many ‘learn to dive’ courses don’t teach Nitrox or rescue skills, but at BSAC we believe they are important skills to start learning from the start of your scuba journey.

    What Diving Experiences will this open up for me?

    At depths of down to 20m, Ocean Divers have plenty of chances to encounter a fascinating variety of wildlife and shipwrecks in seas, rivers, quarries, lochs and lakes. 

    Imagine finning over a rocky reef teeming with fish and covered in sessile life such as seasquirts, sponges and brightly coloured anemones, spending precious moments watching grey seals at play, or exploring a historic wreck.


    The next stage is the BSAC Sports Diver Course which develops your skills further and allows you to undertake more adventurous diving.