• Holiday SCUBA tune-up


    Bedford Sub-Aqua Club

    BSAC Standard

    Planning to dive on holiday?

    Already qualified?

    Skills a bit rusty?

    We can help!

    Book a SCUBA tune-up with Bedford sub-aqua club!

    A pre-holiday tune-up session helps boost water confidence after a period of inactivity by reviewing basic skills with a nationally qualified BSAC instructor  and provides an opportunity to check-dive your kit that has been unused for an extended period.

    You’ll be able to get your log-book stamped showing a tune-up session has been completed, thus potentially avoiding the inevitable holiday pool tune-up prior to an open-water dive with a local operator.

    Skills will be reviewed in line with current BSAC training, but divers with prior qualifications from any officially-recognised training organisation are welcome.

    Sessions are priced at £15 per person for approximately 40 minutes in-water time. Maximum depth available 3.6m.

    No kit? No problem! Use ours!