• There is some excellent diving to be had around the UK and Ireland. It's not necessary to go to exotic locations to enjoy fascinating sealife and wrecks. It may not be as colourful as coral reefs but there is no shortage of things to see

    Scapa Flow in Orkney is one of the world's top wreck diving locations and there are many wrecks all around our coats. You might even find an unknown historic wreck as one of our members did some years ago.

    The Farne Islands off Northumberland and Lundy in the Bristol Channel offer the chance to dive with seals.

    If you are a fan of seafood, there is the opportunity to catch your own dinner or simply enjoy the experience of watching and perhaps photographing the sealife.

    Our members have dived all around the UK and Ireland and have many fascinating tales to tell. Join us and take advantage of their experience.



  • Contrary to what many people think, there is a lot to see in UK waters, including some very colourful sealife