• If you have qualified with another agency such as PADI, SSI, CMAS, NAUI then you can join BEDSAC and dive with your existing qualifications. BSAC  have produced a list of qualifications from other agencies and their equivalent BSAC grades.

    If you wish to progress further with your diving, then you can complete a BSAC crossover programme and progress to the next level in the BSAC training programme.

  • The most common equivalent qualifications are:

  • Level                                       Other agency diver qualifications                                                          BSAC equivalent

    Entry level                                                                                                                                                         Ocean Diver

    ANDI Open Water Diver

    CMAS One Star Diver

    GUE Recreational Diver 1 / Recreational Diver 2

    HSE Scuba

    NAUI Scuba Diver / Advanced Scuba Diver

    PADI Open Water Diver / Advanced Open Water Diver

    RAID Open Water Diver / Advanced Open Water Diver

    Royal Navy Ships Diver

    SAA Open Water Diver

    SDI Open Water Diver / Advanced Adventurer

    SSI Open Water Diver / Advanced Open Water Diver

    Second level                                                                                                                                                       Sports Diver


    ANDI Rescue Diver

    Army Compressed Air Diver

    CMAS Two Star Diver

    GUE Recreational Diver 3

    HSE Divers (except Scuba)

    IANTD Rescue Diver

    NAUI Rescue Scuba Diver

    PADI Rescue Diver

    SAA Club Diver

    SDI Rescue Diver

    SSAC Sports Diver (Third Class Diver)

    SSI Advanced Open Water Diver with ‘Stress & Rescue’

    Third level                                                                                                                                                           Dive Leader

    ANDI Dive Master

    CMAS Three Star Diver

    IANTD Dive Master

    IDEA Dive Master

    NAUI Divemaster

    PADI Divemaster

    SAA Dive Leader

    SDI Divemaster

    SSI Dive Control Specialist

    Higher level                                                                                                                                                          Advanced Diver

    CMAS Four Star Diver

    SAA Dive Supervisor

    SSAC Master Diver

    SSAC Master Diver (Second Class Diver)