• What’s New for 2021?

  • JUNE 2021

    We have been very busy despite the Covid 19 which has led to us changing our plans several times during the last 18 months. So, dive trips have been limited to Stoney Cove or Gildenburgh for Training but we have finally done some sea dives in Swanage in early June. It was great to take experienced divers and those newly completed Ocean divers to just look at what UK waters have to offer.

    Shore diving to 3 or 4 metres both off Swanage Pier and Kimmeridge provided excellent opportunities for all of us to gain experience and immerse ourselves in the colours and textures of the seabed, every bit as colourful and interesting as a coral reef!

    We stayed at a local Campsite to keep our costs down. This is certainly one weekend we could easily repeat for basic shore diving. However, given that we have to start from the Bedford area it is about a 3 and 1/2 hour journey. At least it should be but the last weekend of the May Half Term school holiday and ‘Lockdown’ beginning to be relaxed a little more the roads were very busy. So all of us took that bit longer to arrive with some erecting their tents in the semi dark!!

    For the first proper diving weekend since the Farnes trip in Auigust 2019 it was a very welcome return to sea diving! Stoney Cove is OK for training but we all need to put our skills into practice in the sea. So we are looking forward to many more weekends away in the weeks to come. So, get ready to come and join us on our next trip. Keep an eye on the calendar to make your plans, we will post planned dates and go with however is able to make that particular weekend. Just make sure you are there!!