Sports Diver

After successful completion of the Ocean Diver course new divers can continue on with the BSAC Sports Diver Course.

This course aims to produce a diver who has gained open water diving and diver rescue experience and may conduct dives with another diver of the same level up to a maximum depth of 35 metres, following supervised depth progression. They must still be properly supervised for any dives that go beyond their previous experience, and must have agreed their diving plan in advance with the club’s Diving Officer.

The course has four main elements.

  1. Six theory lessons including :-
    • Diver rescue
    • Equipment and techniques
    • Deeper diving
    • Dive planning

    The lessons are followed by a theory assessment.

  2. Sheltered water lessons that focus on diver rescue skills.
  3. Five open water dives that focus on:
    • Rescue skills
    • Use of specialist equipment
    • Dive planning and leading
  4. A dry practical lesson dealing with dive management.

Once the Sports Diver qualification has been awarded there are three supervised depth progression dives:

  • Dive to 25 metres
  • Dive to 30 metres
  • Dive to 35 metres

The first part of the course costs £80 to cover course materials and pool training.

The open water part of the course is financed through the students involved in a training event covering the costs for instructors providing the instruction for the event These will be limited to site entry ( quarries etc. ) and gas fills.

Anyone who has already trained with another diving organisation to a level that is comparable to Sport Diver can complete a BSAC cross-over programme if they wish to do so. Alternatively, they may arrange to join BedSAC and dive using their existing qualification, provided they are properly supervised where necessary and have agreed their diving plan in advance with the club’s Diving Officer.


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