At Bedford Sub-Aqua Club we carry out all of our training under the British Sub-Aqua Club’s (BSAC) banner. All the training is lead by experienced divers that are trained BSAC instructors.
Training is tailored to suit the individual and we will ensure that we work with you until you are safe and confident in the skills you have learned.
Theory lessons can either be held at the Embankment rowing club or at a a more suitable venue decided by instructor and pupil

  • Sheltered water lessons take place in the pool at the Boy’s School, De Pary’s Avenue, between 20:00 and 21:00pm (approximately 40 minutes in-water time)
  • They are designed to prepare trainees for the open water environment and contain essential practical skills
  • Skills are practised until the instructor determines that the student is able to complete them competently and safely
  • Once the sheltered water lessons and theory lessons and assessment have been successfully completed, the new diver is then ready to progress to open water training
  • Open water dives provide the new diver with the opportunity to put into practice both the theory and practical elements learned
  • Again, diving skills are practiced until the instructor determines that the student is able to complete them competently and safely

Anyone who has already trained with another diving organisation, eg PADI, SAA, NAUI, CMAS, can complete a BSAC cross-over programme if they wish to do so. Alternatively, they may arrange to join BedSAC and dive using their existing qualification.

The Ocean Diver course costs £220. This is in addition to the cost of joining BedSAC and BSAC and does not include individual student costs for open water dives, eg cost of cylinder fills and entry to quarries, but does cover all instruction and student packs.

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Payment for training can be broken down and paid in instalments as agreed with the club’s membership secretary.